Wednesday, 23 March 2011

success and difficulties

I felt that the project was reasonably easy however I felt that the editing was a bit hard but i got the hang of it at the end.

What I felt was also quite difficult was cutting down our film to 2minutes as we went over time LIMIT i felt that we had to make sure that we took out the irrelevant scenes but also kept as much as we could to allow the audience to understand what was happening. i also found the soundtrack quite hard although it was easy to do, just to come up with a sound to go with our film was a bit of a challenge this is because we didn't want our film sound to be cliché; we wanted it to be unique but also go with the theme of the film, therefore we had to experiment with various sounds to create the right sound.

I found editing our rough cut was straight forward. I also found that actually filming was quite successful after the second attempt.

Overall i found that it had its up's and downs but i felt that it was a fairly straight forward project that i believe i put my all into.

below is other difficulties we had. sorry about the ending kind of got lost with words :D

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