Thursday, 24 March 2011

Final Titles

Here is what our final titles look like:

We chose this font as it had the simplicity we where after. Using a serif font, it looks professional and sophisticated, and also I feel it looks more feminine.. all three are aspects that represent the character of 'Ruby'. All the titles are in white, as they stand out on the many black backgrounds on the scenes. Apart from the films name, we felt that Ruby had to be written in red! it just made sense. No dramatic or eye-catching effects where used, instead we opted for each titles to simply fade in and out. This was very common in the openings I looked at. These were opening, where there was more of a focus on the shots and action rather then the titles. We also wanted the the same focus and feel these titles do that, they stand out and are clear enough to read.. but do not take away the main focus on the action.

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