Thursday, 24 March 2011

Final Title Sequence and Text

We have now completed our final title sequence. for our final finished opening. We have chosen to use a simple text to not draw the reader from the importance of the opening but at the same time make it shown clearly for them to read and recognise the text. The font we used was Cambria, which is similar to Times new Roman but less formal

Our reason for using this font was to portray a sophisticated female, so we used this font as it didn't look to formal but made the title sequence a lot more feminine. Cambria is a serif font and we learned in our previous lessons about title sequence that serif fonts represent classic/sophisticated/formal while sans-serif represents a more modern/laidback and is commonly used for comedies.

Again we wanted to divert from using any effects and swirls and flying because we want the opening to just go straight to the point. I think our opening already has quite a few things going on for the reader to digest and so a title sequence full of effects will just lose their attention.

Sweet and Simple.

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