Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Art of The title sequence

These are some screen shots from our thriller Ruby and also some screen shots from the opening of 'Electra Luxx' (NSFW) .In  our thrilller opening there were various simililarities to  Electra Luxxfor example the fact that the female is the protagonist and also the more powerful character . Furthermore , in Electra Luxx they used red lips and stockings and also a wig which is also some of the main props used in our thriller. This shows that the protagonist in the character is portraying a similiar role to our main character of a feminine female criminal who uses her sex appeal as her weapon.One of the main contrasts of Electra Luxx and our thriller is the fact that it is an animiation opening and ours isnt .Also our thriller uses slower more senial music and also has not got the usage of a w weapon whereas Electa Luxx has the the usage of a gun which is one of the main props in the opening.

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