Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Re filming our thriller film.

the first attempt to do our film I felt that we did a pretty good job as we took time and put a lot of effort into this. however when we went back to our college to hopefully start our editing  when we look at the footage we found that we filmed in either a really dark environment or we did not switch the camera light on. i felt discourage by this as we put our all into our work. However we made a check list to show what we had to do for better results. This included us bringing light stands and making sure that we switched on the lights.

furthermore when we re filmed our film in a way I felt this benefited the group as we had other things to correct such as making sure we had enough shots. therefore the second time we shot our film  we came out with better results and i felt that it was clever of our group to film early because if we wasn't happy with the result we got we would have enough time to re shoot a second time. it also help us as we changed characters and took out some scenes. therefore i felt that us re filming a second time was an advantage for us as we had a better understanding of what we needed to do to produce a quality film.

I am happy with the outcome of our film. in this lesson we also decided to change the name Alisha to "RUBY" as the name signifies "red" and as that also resembles the red lipstick that is used in the film.

we have now finally finished our rough cut and all that is now to be done is sound and some more editing.

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